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Define your Market of interest

As an SME in today’s dynamic business conditions, you can’t be all things to all people. With limited resources, it makes sense to choose to serve a specific group of consumers/businesses whose needs you want to nail.

Use a Segmentation Tree to be clear and focused on your market – where you want to do business now or in the future.

Peter Engelhardt is a brand consultant and entrepreneur focused on strategic branding and design for small to medium sized enterprises. He is the founder and driving force behind the strategic branding and design agency, Creative Brew and Plan2Brand, the world’s only interactive eTool designed to help businesses create their brand strategy.

Peter Engelhardt


What’s inside

When creating your Buyer Persona the most important step, “identifying your Target Market” is often missed. Without clarifying the market you want to target, how can you describe your buyer intimately or successfully?

In this FREE eBook you’ll discover way to find your most profitable buyer by narrowing your focus and concentrating on a specific market.

You will learn:

  • The reasons why you segment your market
  • The strategic advantages of market segmentation
  • The criteria used to help you define your market
  • A Segmentation Tree template to brainstorm your market
  • Actual B2B & B2C market examples using the template