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About Catie

Catie Paterson specialises in delivering focused HR solutions with a personal touch.
A true HR specialist,  Catie’s strength is in successfully managing stakeholders at all levels whilst delivering invaluable tools, strategies and results throughout all areas of a business.
She is passionate about human connection, and combines years of industry experience with a dedication to getting the job done.
Inherently down to earth and offering services that are all-encompassing.
Catie Paterson Consulting came about as a result of increased demand for genuine, ‘no-nonsense’ HR guidance, assistance and advice.

Areas of Expertise

Organisational Development

We approach organisational development as a blueprint tying all the changing business components together such as culture, technology, employment structure, people, and leadership. The benefits to successfully managing organisational development leads to improvements in productivity, processes and communication.

Strategic Leadership Development

Catie Paterson Consulting can work with you to develop an employment strategy in line with your overall business plan to communicate the vision, build and motivate teams, drive efficiencies, and inspire individuals and teams to reach their full potential.

Recruitment, Retention and Succession

The implementation of successful recruitment, selection and onboarding process, together with talent management and succession initiatives promotes employee engagement and prepares them for future opportunities and responsibilities within your company.

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