Cameron Walker: Workplace Health and Safety Specialist

About Cameron

Cameron  is dedicated to helping businesses think differently about safety and shifting the focus from legal obligation to a genuine and considered investment in the safety of workers.

Cameron’s passion for safety began over 20 years ago with a personal experience of a serious workplace injury that resulted in his inability to work for 2.5 years as well as multiple back surgeries and permanent physical limitations.

Unable to take part in the fun activities he enjoyed and having to completely shift career paths, Cameron’s injury not only affected him physically but took a serious toll on his mental health, putting strain on his relationships with the family and friends around him.

Now, motivated by his experience and armed with a wealth of knowledge in workplace health and safety, Cameron is determined to help businesses prioritise and improve the safety of workers, making WHS part of an employer’s fibre and culture.

An expert in the prevention, mitigation and management of workplace injuries and incidents, Cameron is qualified to assist businesses in raising the bar on safety and helping workers to arrive safely, work safely, and go home safely.

Areas of Expertise

Walker Safety Services are passionate about safety and we are committed to helping you make your workplace safe for everyone.

We will work with you to identify risks and hazards associated with the workplace, develop safety policies and procedures, and assist your organisation in achieving compliance with the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 and the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017.

WSS is a Geelong based company that can service all areas of Victoria.