Bruce Frame: Business Coach

About Bruce

I am a Business Coach for many reasons but principally because I began my working life as an electrician, and over 10 years rose to the position of General Manager and Director of a major automotive components manufacturer. And then completing various studies related to the trade and later in executive positions, University courses in Management, Sales, Purchasing, Personnel and Finance.

Using my commercial experience and then owning and electrical contracting business and a hair salon, I worked out what it was that I was doing wrong and what I needed to do to fix that. Extensive research along with practical application and the associate blood, sweat and tears that every business owner goes through led to sell both businesses at considerable profit.

This gave me the grounding to start my Business Coaching business in 2003. Since then I’ve worked with over 300 businesses as diverse as manufacturers, hairdressers and wine makers, all the trades, accountants, lawyers and doctors and even a funeral director. Realising where I can help my clients the most, I’ve rationalised my coaching to Business Owners only.

In 2007 I wrote the book; ‘So, How’s Business? Why Doesn’t My Business Give Me the Lifestyle that I Want?’ to help every business owner understand what is going wrong in their business and what they need to do about it. My passion is helping Business Owners just like you, to find their way through the pitfalls of business ownership to the dream a true business that works without being reliant on the continuous daily involvement.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Areas of Expertise

Business Owner Coach operating under 6P principles;

1st P; Personal – working one on one with business owners

2nd P; Professional – 20 years experience in this field only

3rd P; Passionate – my life’s work is my clients’ success

4th P; Pragmatic – solutions that work, not just those that are ‘right’

5th P; Persistent – a never give up attitude that keeps you moving

6th P; Profitable – because that’s why we own a business