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Specialist in Insolvency & Reconstruction, CPA Australia
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Member of ARITA
Member of the Turnaround Management Association
20 years insolvency experience
35 years total experience in financial, advisory and banking services

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Want to know more about how the topics Andrew discussed on BB4G.TV episode 3 may affect your and your business?

Here’s what was discussed:

  1. What changes has the government made to insolvency laws as a result of the crisis, and what are you seeing happening now with SME’s, in response to these changes?
  2. What do you recommend that small business owners should be doing now to maximise their prospects of survival, both during the crisis and after government financial assistance packages come to an end?
  3. Are there any provisions within the insolvency law that could assist a small business gradually return to full profitability without the threat of legal action from unpaid creditors, once the crisis is over?