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A Quick Guide to Outsourcing Offshore

Find out:

  • Why Outsource?
  • What kind of jobs can I Outsource?
  • How do I make sure I’m doing right by my business and by the person?

As seen on BB4G.TV Episode 8

Dee has worked for a range of businesses from small to multinational. From this, she brings an understanding of the growing pains that all businesses go through.
Dee is a solutions person with old fashioned values - understand what the customer wants, don't over-promise and under-delivering and above all, be honest and work with integrity.

Dee Mills

CQ Mills Consulting

What’s inside

What kinds of Outsourcing exists?
● What is a VA and what can they do?
● Types of Outsourcing Models
● Work from Home or Office Based
● Should I go it alone or partner with an outsourcer?
● Choosing the right Outsourcing partner
● How to outsource ethically and responsibly
● So you want to Outsource. What’s next?