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A Complete Guide to Understanding you Ideal Clients

 One fundamental problem most businesses have as they try to grow is the inability to really look at what they are doing from an outside perspective. That is the perspective of the consumer. A clear understanding of your Target Market and Buyer Persona will address this.

To get noticed today you need to understand your audience’s top concerns so you can address their problems by building a brand, and then formulating marketing messages, around how you solve their pains, wants and needs.

“Put the customer at the centre of everything!”
Raie Lyth

Raie Lyth is an expert in putting your business online. She asks the critical questions to ensure your online solution works for you, increasing revenue and freeing up your time for strategic business thinking.

Customisation is the Web Ideas specialty, building online booking, membership, shopping, database and information systems that are specific to your business model and goals.... and put your customers at the centre of EVERYTHING!

Raie Lyth

Web Ideas

What’s Inside

In each section of this 8 part guide you’ll find a series of questions, hints, tips and strategies that will help you truly understand your ideal clients.

  1. Defining your ideal clients
  2. Understanding your customers’ buying processes
  3. Understanding your customers’ decision making criteria
  4. Understanding your customers’ expectations
  5. Understanding your customers’ barriers to purchase
  6. Understanding your customers’ buying triggers
  7. Understanding your customers to develop new products and services
  8. Understanding your customers to develop your branding, marketing and customer service strategies.