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 8 Opportunities to Reduce your IT Costs

It is always good business practice to review your technology costs and reduce where you can. 

However, technology systems are not easy to understand and there is real fear that if you remove an IT service you might inadvertently impact the business negatively.  

Here are a list of 8 places to look for cost savings in your IT…


8 places to look for cost savings in your IT

  • Overspending on Subscriptions
  • Freeze long term projects with no immediate short-term results
  • Review IT leasing terms – printing, phones, etc
  • Review IT Contracts – SLA terms
    1. Change staff expectations of support/assistance – offer IT training instead
  • Alternative Technology – VoIP vs fixed line
  • Change the mix of cloud/on-premise infrastructure.  For some they will save by moving to the cloud and for others the best option it to move it back to on-premise
  • Automate repetitive IT Tasks
  • Outsource/hybrid IT Teams

My mission is to show CEOs and business owners how to make money from technology, rather than accepting IT as simply a cost to their business. I’m co-author of ‘5 Ways to Profit from Technology’, and creator of the ‘Profit Stacks’ framework.

Greg Clarkson

IT support and technology integration expert, Network Overdrive