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The SMB Guide to Rebooting your Business

Rebooting your business is getting back to basics. Think about why you are in business. What makes it rewarding? Is it worth pursuing? If so, is there anything that you would do differently? This is a good opportunity to reflect on what you want to achieve with the experience of already having “been there done that” AND THE TIME to think about it. Not to mention all the support available from the government and professionals to help you out. A fresh start with a fresh outlook.


Raj has several years of financial and management accounting experience. He specializes in the value added services of cost management and product costing. Every customer is different and has individual needs, especially when it comes to financial services. Dheeraj recognizes this and makes time for you when you need it.

Dheeraj (Raj) Sachdev

Firstclass Accounts Parkdale

What’s inside

What does not kill us, makes us stronger. Some actions and ideas to take to help us come out stronger.

  • A To Do List of action items to help you think about how to Reboot your Business
  • 8 Ideas for funding your reboot


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