The BIPlan System Mentors

A collaborative group of leading Australian small business specialists.

Each BIPlan System Mentor is an expert in one or more of the BIPlan System Checklists.  Often they are the expert who wrote the original checklist.

Who are the BIPlan System Mentors?

The BIPlan Mentors are a collaborative group of leading Australian small business specialists.   They all have three things in common:

  • They are committed to working together to help small businesses thrive
  • They have the highest standards of integrity and ethics
  • They are passionate about adding value, having a bigger impact and making a difference in the world.

What do the BIPlan Mentors do?

  • Monitor and maintain the BIPlan System checklists to ensure that they remain up to date and relevant for Australian small business owners. 
  • Contribute to the Small Business Matters business education program.
  • Contribute to the  BIPlan System Business Best Practice Resource Library
  • Provide mentoring, advice and support to BIPlan System users through weekly webinars and our business best practice Q & A system..

Can I work with a Mentor if I'm not a BIPlan System user?

Of course!  If you’re an Australian small business owner and you’re committed to improving your business to make it more profitable, scaleable and saleable then the answer is YES.

The BIPlan Mentors are all Australian small business specialists who are passionate about helping Australian small business owners build better businesses and have a bigger impact.  

Click on their profile to contact the Mentor you want to work with.

About the BIPlan System 

The BIPlan System®  is an easy to use, affordable business health check and business improvement planning tool developed specially to help small business owners survive and thrive through improving their business practices.

The system is based on a series of business best practice benchmarks, developed by small business specialists, tested and proven to be directly linked to profitability.

Building Better Businesses for Good