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Are you on a mission to make a bigger difference in the world?


Would you love to share the journey with business owners who feel like you do?


Unlock the door to the secrets of a better business.

You’ll have access to our unique BIPlan System, developed by small business experts to provide a comprehensive blueprint for a successful business. Watch the video below to find out how it works.

You won't have to do it alone

As a member of the BB4G Community you’ll have access to our custom built community hub as well as a variety of online and offline events based on many years of experience creating networks, mastermind groups and training programs that work. View event calendar

Be part of a community where making a difference is a core value

BB4G is a Social Enterprise.  100% of all our profits at the end of each financial year are donated to causes making a REAL difference.  It’s mandated in our constitution!

Take a 5 minute tour of the BIPlan System with BB4G CEO and BIPlan co-founder Brenda Thomson

What BB4G Members and BIPlan System Users say

So often you don’t know what you don’t know in your business. Working my way through the BIPlan System has made me excited about the next few years in my business because I can see that I finally have a tool to guide my strategic development across every area. Now I have a guide that shows me exactly what I didn’t know before, which has turned those black spots into a specific list of action steps I need to take to create growth that lasts.

Kerry Anne Nelson
Operation Verve

OMGoodness –  it is AMAZING!!! I am a dreamer and build sand castles in the sky and now thanks to this brilliant system I can confidently build my castles on firm and solid foundations. And it is SO easy to use. The BIPlan System has done all the hard work to ensure every aspect of your business is where is should be. There is a community full of brilliant minds always sharing their expert knowledge. No matter what business you are in, if you want to be around in 5 years time I highly recommend joining the Better Business for Good Community.

Paige Thomas
Gettin’ Ready 4 Life

The BIPlan System made me appreciate how many opportunities there are for making a business more successful. It contains over 200 steps covering areas as diverse as brand identity, financial management, management of people and risk, customer relationships and environmental impact. Each of these steps are important in their own right, some take longer to implement than others, but taken as a whole they help a business to become more profitable as well as a good corporate citizen.

Robin Snelling
Virtual CFO Group

A group of loyal and supportive business owners who have each other’s back. It’s a community that exists for the benefit of all members.

Peter Engelhardt

Founder and CEO, Plan2Brand

It’s not only connection with other like Minded business owners it’s business education like no other.

Lisa Wiking


Great bunch of people who all share the same values of wanting to genuinely help other people in business and achieve win-win outcomes. Its been very beneficial to me, its great to have a network of high quality people to turn to for help in my business or in my clients business. 

Damien Battersby
Proactive IT Solutions

Will your business be a success, a survivor or a statistic?

There are lots of stats bandied around about rates of business failure and it’s hard to distinguish the facts behind the numbers…. generally they are based on numbers of businesses that cease trading, but then not every business that closes is a failure.

Still when you look hard it’s pretty clear that at least 1 in 3 businesses is unlikely to make it beyond their 3rd year.  (The graph is taken from The ABS Australian Small Business Key Statistics and Analysis Report 2012)

Then there’s the impact of the COVID-19 crisis… and it’s clear that every business needs all the help they can get.


The action items in the BIPlan System have been DIRECTLY LINKED to business profitability and are indicators of both scalability and saleability.

Based on system trials with 100 small business owners:

  • Everyone scoring less than 30% was losing money
  • Everyone scoring 50% or more was breaking even
  • Everyone scoring 80% or more was profitable.

So you have a choice!

  1. Do you want to continue working alone, not knowing what you don’t know, like the ostrich with your head in the sand and hope for the best?
  2. Or do you want to become the eagle, get a bird’s eye view of the opportunities and risks in your business?   Be part of a like minded community of business owners working TOGETHER, supporting one another to build better businesses and make a real difference in the world.

The door to option 2 is open right now…. what future do you choose for your business?

Join the Better Business for Good Community today.

You'll be part of a supportive, collaborative community of business owners working together to build better businesses and have a bigger impact.

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As humans we all need connection to survive and thrive. In the Better Business Builders Community you’ll be able to connect with like minded business owners at a variety of both Zoom and live (when we can) events and in our supportive online community hub.


There’s a saying that it takes a village to raise a child. By working together we can support one another to build better businesses, better support our customers, and contribute to a better world.


We made the Better Business for Good Company a Social Enterprise because we believe that every person and every business has a responsibility to contribute to making the world a better place. We hope you feel the same.

Continuous Improvement

Always striving for better… whatever better means to you. For us it means to continuously innovate and grow to build a better business, better serve our clients and our community, and contribute to a better world.

Join the Better Business for Good Community today.

You'll be part of a supportive, collaborative community of business owners working together to build better businesses and have a bigger impact.

Still got Questions?

We’re here to help.  Click here to organise a quick phone chat with BB4G and BIPlan System co-founder Brenda Thomson or there’s always the Contact form

Better Business - Bigger Impact - Together! 

'In the spirit of reconciliation The Better Business for Good Company acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.'